Model Trains Laid Out – For access to some great layout ideas including loads about Toy Model Trains. For a very reasonably priced Amazon book on Model Railroad Layouts click here  
Here’s a time lapse video of the club’s operation night on 1-17-2012. It gets real busy in the beginning because of the all the visitors. The operation last …
Model Railway Exhibition At Wigan We attended the Wigan 2011 Product Railway Exhibition on 10th -11th December 2011. This was the past time the party will probably be held through the month of December, with upcoming years’ event scheduled for sixteenth and seventeenth of June to favour superior travelling conditions. The occasion observed through 30 layouts in attendance, from N gauge, TT gauge and HO gauge to 009, EM and S gauge plus more. The award, as voted for by other exhibitors, for most effective layout went to Crumley & Little Wickhill. John Emerson, Editor of British Railway Modelling magazine presented the award to the Hull Miniature Railway Society – the group behind the layout. Discover a lot more Model Railway gatherings videos at Design Railways Stay Tv! kingdom
Miniatur Wunderland The official video about Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, the largest model railway in the world, and one of the most successful tourist attractions in Germany. On the 1.300 m² large layout, far more than a thousand trains, aircrafts, cars and ships move about. A wonder of the world in miniature. Please, find more information on
Opening and fitting a DCC Concepts Zen decoder to a Bachmann Derby Lightweight DMU. Look out for the second video in this series on fitting DCC decoders, that shows fitting the second decoder to the non-motorised half of the unit. TRANSCRIPT: The Darby lightweight two card EMU set from Backman – we’ll be opening this today and fit in DCC chips to it as well as getting commissioned so I’m using one of these which is DCC concept Zen with keep alive which is a neat thing plug-in chip together with a background six pin small chip to go in the second unit so it takes two decoders this one which makes it a bit hungry in terms of requiring lots of lots of chips so there’ll be like a unit in green unit that I’ve been hoping to get for quite some time I can remember back to any [More]
Model Railway Live NEC Birmingham 21/11/10 Most of the action associated with the trains there. The Hornby set-up was very easy however great I think.  
Howarth Railway Layout 1st Video. Here are the Layout Plans
A third instalment that visits some of the models in display cabinets around Jenny Towers. This cabinet sits in the library.
It really is time now to do a big make over … on the Loft Model Railway
Tutorial on how to fit a DCC decoder on Hornby’s R3320 ‘Golden Eagle’ TRANSCRIPT: Hi guys welcome back to another video. Today we’ve got a sort of how-to demonstration sort of video and as you can see from down here I’m going to be basically doing a tutorial on how to fit one of these – which is a DCC decoder. Obviously you can get quite a few different versions of these. This is sort of one of the more basic relatively cheap ones but obviously you can get some more complicated – with I think like water and coal usage, then obviously you can now get the sound units as well. Sure a lot more expensive, but yeah I’m essentially going to be converting this engine here which is the Hornby Golden Eagle. So it’s a new release by hornby that’s only been out in the last year or [More]
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Professional Approach to doing Model Railways Written by a professional model-maker, this is a fascinating insight into high-end railway modeling and a great source of inspiration for beginners and experts alike. The second edition has been significantly updated with new material and photographs, and covers the many technological developments since the previous edition, such as digital command control. This book is an essential addition to the bookshelves of all serious railway modelers. The first edition of this book was first published in 1987.
Bachmann Class 47 strip down and service guide
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A quartet of new EMD GP40-2s traverse the layout at Model Railway Post Office located in West Milford, NJ