VCHobbies has made model railroading effortless! Our outstanding N Scale Custom Model Railroad Layouts are loaded with realistic detail! You are able to virtually listen to and truly feel the locomotive as it rumbles through the canyon and through the city. Permit VCShobbies construct you this economical format – entire and ready to operate! We provide 2 layouts from which to choose which can be merged for an amazing substantial 3×8 foot format! Enjoy teh wuality ocnstruction and simple mosularity with the format for transportation and train/track servicing – All ABOARD!
DCC system comparison – MRH DCC columnist Bruce Petrarca contrasts and compares Digitrax DCC systems with North Coast Engineering DCC systems. The video runs over 20 minutes so this is an in-depth comparison, not something cursory. Part of the content in the September issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist ezine.
Bachmann Trains HO scale Mogul The Bachmann Trains HO scale Sound Value Alco Mogul 2-6-0 includes a SoundTraxx Digital Command Control (DCC) sound decoder. See and hear the Bachmann Trains Sound Value Alco 2-6-0 Mogul run along a stretch of the Model Railroader club layout, the Milwaukee, Racine & Troy. You’ll get a demonstration of some of the sound effect features of the model’s factory-installed SoundTraxx Digital Command Control (DCC) sound decoder. Find more model railroad product reviews at
Take a look at Tim Dickinson’s excellent HO Scale BN Model Train Layout Burlington Northern empire as we follow a grain elevator, with manned helpers, more than the mountain and thru many yards and staging tracks. As the video demonstrates an general watch of the format, it truly is challenging to get appreciation for your high quality level of the railroad with out actually seeing it in individual.
Model Train Layouts from Europe WWW.REYNAULDS.COM PRESENTS a fantastic video containing a variety of European model train layouts.
Finally have all the track painted and weathered. This video shows the results and some details on how it was done. We also answer two good viewer comment questions. Enjoy!
28 January 2012, West Springfield Mass. A number of the train layouts on display screen at this massive Model Train Show…
How To Build Custom Model Railroad Layouts Irrespective of whether your preferences are for products of precision accuracy to your “n’th” degree, or for free-form inventive creations, we will bring your jobs to daily life. for How To Build Custom Model Railroad Layouts you will find that Scale Types, Arts, and Technologies, Inc. (SMARTT) is the leading supplier globally of very good scale types and model railroads. SMARTT serves company purchasers and private folks alike which has a refined feeling of style, a desire for excellence, and an uncompromising approach towards excellent. From more compact projects to your most bold, we seize the desires of every of our shoppers and convey them to three-dimensional life. We invite you to watch our web-site,, and after that get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of one’s task, one-on-one. We glance ahead to giving you together with the maximum level [More]
Running my N Scale Metrolink at the Belmont Shore Model Railroad Club in San Pedro, CA. The train just left Saugus and pulls into Echo at the end of the clip. Feb 19th, 2011. For a very reasonably priced Amazon book on Model Railway Layouts click here  
One of the most widely used model railroad layouts is the oval track, and there are innumerable variations of this. For variety, one may want to have turnouts and switchers along with sidetracks to park one engine while another is operating. In short, any design will need to be a little wider than the diameter of the turn, i.e. if a train requires a certain turning radius, you will need to double that for the width of your layout. A rule states that the layout has to be as large as the diameter of a circle, so under this form it is easiest to calculate a radius if your train has to take a 180 degree turn. Model Railroad Layouts of a Specific Area This often requires gathering a number of pictures of the specific geographic area that one wants to showcase accurately. Another very commonly used track design is [More]
The primary element to your Christmas Special on VirgintrainsU, we see a review from the Hornby Model Railways Class 90 loco in 00 scale. The 1998 produced design from Hornby Types railways in 00 scale, the video clip reveals the locos depth as well as loco jogging on a compact check track. The class 90 labored on Virgin Trains Cross Place and West Coastline franchises. I hope you delight in the movie, part two to follow.
Norman Stenzel’s large HO Model Railroad Layout is located in Atlanta GA. The layout fills a 2000 sq. foot basement and it’s based upon a fictional railroad, the Brandywine & Benedictine. More info on format can be found here: Brief Overview: The Brandywine & Benedictine Railroad is a Class 1 Appalachian coal hauler modeled in 1953. It runs north and south from Winston Salem, NC to Pittsburgh, PA. Motive power is a 50/50 mix of steam and first generation diesel power. The railroad is designed with prototype operations in mind with jobs to keep 12 to 16 people busy. The B&B is controlled using Digitrax DCC and a computer running RR&CO software. Format owner is Norman Stenzel. This format is found in Atlanta GA. My visit: I and 5 members of the Orlando N-trak club (from Orlando FL) were invited to run on this format during the Dixie Rail 2010 [More]
Bachmann class 37 37671 review. £50 from Buffers Model Railways, great loco 9/10!
SubTerrain Learn how to build a model railroad layout in five easy steps with the revolutionary SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System. Full video of “SubTerrain: Build A Layout Fast & Easy” DVD – Learn more at For a very reasonably priced Amazon book on Model Rail Layouts click here  
Learn more at Excerpt from Woodland Scenics “Model Scenery Made Easy” DVD – See how to use Earth Color™ Liquid Pigments to color plaster castings, such as rocks, portals, retaining walls and culverts.