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Model Railroad Scenery

This video clip collection, hosted by Michael Gross, will teach you the simple how-to workshop tactics you need to learn to consider an HO scale electric educate set and allow it to be a scenic model railroad with Model railroad scenery. Well show you ways to build a 4×8 design teach table (benchwork) from plywood, lay sections of monitor, develop effortless realistic surroundings applying foam and paint, assemble model buildings, and wire your layout by using a DC power pack. When youre done, youll have got a railroad that operates very well and appears actual. Our approaches would do the job in N, O, S, G, or Z scale also. This online video is scene seven, Surroundings element 1 how-to.
For more information along with a free booklet with more suggestions stop by The Worlds Finest Activity course can be a non-profit organization focused on advertising and marketing the pleasurable, calming, and fascinating hobby of design railroading. Primary sponsors of our series are Atlas Model Railroad Co., Bachmann Trains, Kato Precision Railroad Models, Wm. K. Walthers Inc., and Kalmbach Publishing. Co, publisher of Product Railroader and Common Toy Trains publications. To make contact with the World’s Biggest Interest e-mail

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aixooz12 says:

Shocked!Build a model train layout tutorial website:

c2vts03 says:


What material? did you use to build a mountain?

calrocks1013 says:

look in the? materials at the begining and it would say foam insalation board

kuxia123 says:

To? build model trains tutorial website:

ModelRailroadHobby says:

Nice job. Looking forward to seeing the finished layout. ?

MsFred58 says:

any place besides youtube for this?? Mine just sits? and spins!!! Really a downer!!

MrJohnnyboy1978 says:

i have watch other video on how to make a model train layout,but i find that your? video is more easy compare to the rest..thumbs up from me..

kringle41emil says:

when? do there come other videos

Just4Me112 says:


traindude32 says:

Why did you watch this? in the first place?

OOLiveSteam says:

The OO Live Steam Club has been offered a dismantled model railway of Kings Cross station and environs for its roadshow to demonstrate Hornby Live Steam A4 and A3 locomotives.
Please view the video –? search youtube for “OO Live Steam Club Kings Cross model project.mp4” — and tell us if you think the project is viable. Thanks.

WillJill89 says:

5:30? dirty tracks…

Calicoghostown says:

Does any one know? the soundtrack at the beginning of this episode

terrorrname says:

simple, vaccume!? 😀

macuser575 says:

Haha? his name is dick

teemaintwo says:

That’s the? most pleasant voice-over I’ve ever heard.

sigzor302620 says:

Damn DICK, you’re an ugly, scary? guy!

Princiaa says:

me gusta see this video

zoranuzi72 says:

george romero?

skatefritz007 says:

6:55 look at that face? …. fantastic 😛

Matthew Blomfield says:

This is a great help guys thanks allot? when are more coming out I need more !!!!! 🙂

HOscaleRR says:

Why don’t they have bumpers on the yard? track?

kellyrnunn says:

where do you get the? foam

Edwin Eddie Eginhard Eastwood says:

THats the greatest? vid ever Id made a realistic railway but its kinda bigger my trains are thomas the tank engine

thetrainman343a says:


dragonuvkiller666 says:

hmm… dick is using cock :P?

all4lucy says:

im goin to make a farm display its not goin to have hills but i just need foam then i can put the grass and stuff? down?

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