Mike’s Work Bench: HO Scale F40PH – Paint Removal Episode 1 3/5/11

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Please leave feedback! This is the next installment of the series. In this “episode”, I talk about paint removal and other modifications. I also talk about the different phases of f40s. Which do you want to see me make, 229 or 406? Or both? Thanks for watching!

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sdrailfan says:

Great video mike! I would like to see 406

Coaster3001 says:

Nice video! I think both would be good and I don't care was phase.

CoasterFan2105 says:

@nashgallo Indeed I did

tsgmultimedia says:

Hey Thanks for the plug around 9:00!

CoasterFan2105 says:

@tsgmultimedia No problem! Now I wonder if I convinced anyone to go look…

Amtrak6901 says:

Whens the next one !!!

kdes623 says:

try automatic tranny fluid it works great, OLD SCHOOL

CATransitFan17 says:

Both, because the 406 is pretty special because was part of the exhibit train, but I also like 229 because that by the end was the only Amtrak F40PH that still had a P5.

BriefRoboboy says:

The one im ordering i think is either a Phase 1 or 2.

Stan Bissonette says:

IF you plan on doing another video, please keep in mind we are trying to hear & understand what you are saying, Please tale up a little & try to not mumble so much. I am very interested in how to remove the paint from older cars ( pre 1970 ) & repainting them.

BNSF-3001 says:

Where did you ride amtrak 229?

GalaxyExpress999 says:

Would this method work on walthers horizon coaches?

Farmer Dave says:

Doesn't anyone use brake fluid anymore ?

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