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HO Scale Model Railroad Railway Layout Video

A Sheboygan man builds his amazing dream in the basement. A very detailed, scenic, HO scale model train set. Soo Line. Train stations from the Town of Dale, Neenah, and more… railroads, electric, cities, bridges, horns, 1/4, full scale, engineer, expensive, hobby, track, hobbies, signs rail detail Photojournalist: Mike Vandersnick

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tatertot700 says:

im 14 and i want to get into it my friends say its lame mainly cause im a skater? but once they see how cool it is they change thier minds

mike937739 says:

Great job! Keep it? going.

keith644 says:

wow just wow? and to think i had a nice layout!!!

gaming0wiz says:

i’ve always wanted to do something like this… just have no where to? put it :/

MrNaru777 says:

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un niƱo llamado nick se tiro de un puente devido a problemas familiares

si ya leiste esto deves copiar y pegar

en otros 5? videos mas o? si no

nick vendra? por toda tu familia

haslo o moriran? porfavor hasme caso

yo lo lei y lo hise

casnick says:

It truly is a 1954 setting – why? – cause? at 2:03 the red signal lights are not working yet the car has still stopped – probably because in 1954 the driver would have looked for trains.

Jeansieguy says:


fordlukebo says:

does ur dad have money? to made a big shed so u can make one in it? or on ur room ceiling?

JBofBrisbane says:

– the “blinking light” simulates the gyrating beacon used on many diesels during the “first-generation” era. Google? “Mars Light” or “Gyralight”.

mxferro says:

didn’t say how many years it took to get to that level.. most? great ones in the past took on average 10 years or more. Very nice though, I like it, I would suggest drapery below to hide the benchwork, just me I guess.

mysticangel17 says:

whoa,? that’s so awesome

vespaT27 says:

cool but? wheres the graffiti.

Thermionman1970 says:

That is awesome! I? love that roundhouse or turntable.The steam locomotive is great and the old building with the “Carillon”sign on the wall! I love weathered old buildings!

Rayarena says:

There are two things that strike me about this train set:

A] Much thought was put into the layout.? It looks like a real town. Some hobbyists just throw cheap looking buildings that don’t go with each other all over their layouts, but not this layout. It looks real. In fact, this layout is so realistic that it looks museum quality.

B] The trains have a dusty weathered look that makes them look more realistic. Trains are supposed to be dirty, not have a clean, shining, out of the box look.

Trolleymoose says:

You spend? 40 hours a week on this train layout?

damiangretka says:

Awesome !!!?

killerforlife100 says:


nateydoo6168 says:

were is this? located ????

jeepers2655 says:

awesome layout,I know a guy who has the whole basement filled with trains,all computer controlled…..even has? a drive-in movie theater,using a small lcd screen,hooked to a dvd player…….really great ideas……I could watch his trains for hours……most of his buildings are hand built…….he has the re$ources to do this though.

Triv27 says:

He says right at the start that its a model? of the railroad from 1954. Graffiti really wasn’t such a problem back then…

drumkid330 says:


machinethis2002 says:

Yeah!!! I wish I could invest 40 hours a? week on my layout!!!! LOL!!!! I’m lucky to get 2!!!

machinethis2002 says:

You should get? pictures of that drive-in.

mrspacecase says:

I originally saw this layout in Model Railroader and I knew? I wanted to visit it one day. I love the concept and the period, as well as the RR. Great job!

BlueOysterCult87 says:

Quite a nice layout. I had dreams of building an HO railroad layout when my dad got our first HO train back in the late 80’s. Now? that I’ve got half a basement to work with, I may just work on it little by little. Sure it’s fun when it’s complete, but the real fun is using your imagination and ideas and watching your layout grow to your liking.

BlueOysterCult87 says:

That drive-in? theater idea is awesome! You should get some pictures or a video of his layout.


This? is a great layout.

yarmo28 says:

Your model buildings, esp. the church, are great. Are they all scratch built??

MrThomo36 says:

18 people cant build a model train?

jackisgone4ever says:

can i run a dcc train on? a dc layout

southern4501isawesom says:

…. ok i really want that 4-8-2 (the steam engine? to the non railfan)

MrNEVUN says:

The 18 dislikes are only? jealous cause they may not play with it.

cplpun1 says:

maybe because they cant pronounce? “sheboygan”?

terrorrname says:

dear santa…?

artistingeorgia says:

That’s one terrific? layout. Great video, too.

RayVal53 says:


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