Hornby Model Railways Virgin Trains Class 90 Review

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The primary element to your Christmas Special on VirgintrainsU, we see a review from the Hornby Model Railways Class 90 loco in 00 scale. The 1998 produced design from Hornby Types railways in 00 scale, the video clip reveals the locos depth as well as loco jogging on a compact check track. The class 90 labored on Virgin Trains Cross Place and West Coastline franchises. I hope you delight in the movie, part two to follow.

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itgamer100 says:

nice, ive seen this in my local model? shop.

Virgintrainsuk says:

Cool, shame my local never had it in,? but i did manage to get a dapol pendolino, city of preston there this year.

MrJezza31 says:

muh heljan 86 you shoud get that still nice ish loco?

Virgintrainsuk says:

Yer, I really Should, it will come in time. Hopefully Heljan will do the 87, 89 and 90 in time, pleasee ….?

MrJezza31 says:

yes? heljan have done theyre 86 there working on an 87 now

Virgintrainsuk says:

Ah thats great news. I know lima did an 87, but Hornby have never done it, so when MZ reduced the Hornby Intercity 87 it works well (the cross cober period), but I can’t wait for the 87. We just need better rolling stock to go? with them.

alexamltd says:


houndog1372 says:

nice vid my? 90 needs weight addin but i cannot take the shell off

MrJezza31 says:

yeah there will be a? virgin trains one either 87014 87013 87024 87030 a br blue one 87001 or 87002 a gbrf one 87022 87006 or 87028, the rest will probably be 87012 nse 87019 lner black possibly 87002 porterbrook purple and an unbranded virgin one 87027 if heljan bring these out it will be emence ill get them all

Virgintrainsuk says:

Yer, I would get? a Virgin one, porterbrook and a unbranded VT one. It sure will be a costly one this.

MrJezza31 says:

yeah theyll be? about £80 each

96barada says:

I? have that model Eclipse Gemini bus at 9:24

railflyer1 says:

it would be awsome if it was posible to? make it dcc

railflyer1 says:

i? like that class 90 looks awsome

DarlingtonTrains says:

very nice virgin class 90?

dilwich123 says:

I love the sound the motor? makes 😉

CoventryCitylad97 says:

very nice review mate :), i am a huge fan of virgin too, i have got almost all of? the oo gauge models, all they have got to make now is a class 87 to go with the new dvt and mk3 coaches 🙂

Virgintrainsuk says:

Cheers mate 🙂 Yeahh samee, i need the 87, I’ve been attempting to get the old lima one for a while now, however I’ve got the lastest Hornby Intercity 87, so? that will do for now 🙂 haha

CoventryCitylad97 says:

awesome? mate :), ive heard they are really good but its a shame they dont have working lights. In hornbys 2012 range they have a new class 87 in a black livery, fingers crossed it has working lights :), ive seen in one of your videos that you have got a virgin class 86. I have got a hornby one but i would like to get my hands on a nice heljan class 86. awesome channel and i have subbed 🙂

Virgintrainsuk says:

Yeahh? its a shame, I really want a new class 90 with snow 🙂 Thanks for the sub, glad you like my videos.

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