DCC – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Part 1

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UPDATE: I know the Zimo controller is spelt Zimo – I put one too many ‘Ms’ in when writing it out in the video.

With so many DCC controllers and decoders on the market, and so many people reporting problems with them all – I thought I’d take an investigative look into this, Columbo style! Haha – In all seriousness however, it’s a very important issue that affects the majority of people into model railways. Part 2 (If you’d like to see one) will be all about the decoders themselves. Please do leave a comment, share your experiences with us all and if you’d like me to check out any of your videos and/or give them increased exposure – let me know! Thank you

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Formidable38 says:

And after all that aimless waffle , you neglected to test or mention NCE which knocks all the above rubbish and toys into a cocked hat!
There is no nob, you don't need a nob, really, you do not!
Ive had had an NCE Power Pro for the last 8 years and its never given a problem!

Jonty Marsh 04 says:

what controller do you recommend for a new-by

Juliano Allard says:

I think the 'Swanky Controller' is a ZTC 511 Im not sure. I saw a photo of it and looks it is out of a loco

Tempest Stratus says:

You are great, ignor the idiots who say you waffle.

Dave Richards says:

Hi Will, Great video! I'm new to the world of model railways especially the world of DCC. Did you go on to do a video on brands of chips? If so, please could you point me in the right direction for the results.
Loving your work. Kind regards Dave

OMSILondonLad says:

What's the HM2000 controller like, because I might fancy in getting one to run my Double Line layout.

Jamie Phillips says:

I to have had trouble with the new 557 decoder

Nicolas Greening says:

I have heard that the Hornby Select is not NMRA compliant

Hownottobuild says:

1.Whats about these NMRA stuff?
2.Is the elite better than the select?

Don Kettle says:

Will. I know this is an older video but I wanted to point something out based on one of your comments early in the program. You say that you've been avoiding buying upgraded (eg. Lenz) controllers because of the cash outlay and that the technology will only improve once you've bought one. Yes, the cash outlay is considerable, but it makes no sense to say that you're holding off for because the technology is always change. That's the point, the tech is always changing and very quickly. So if you keep holding off based on that premise, you will NEVER upgrade. Sometimes we just have to give in. Sure, it's not always wise to be an early adopter of NEW technology, but when it comes to updated technology, you might as well poop or get off the pot. Does that make any sense? Another thing you suggest is that you don't want to buy a controller that will be obsolete within a year. I think you'll find that this would not be the case unless there was a radical shift in technology. The worst case would likely be that the device becomes technologically stagnant; that is to say that it will continue to function as it was designed, but has no new features or other "bits and bobs" (as my UK cousins say) of newer versions of it. And sometimes even that isn't the case, because higher end electronics, these days, can often have their firmware upgraded to get the new "bits and bobs." Either way, it's not as big a loss as you seem to feel it to be in this video. Give it a little thought and I think you'll agree.

Bill Rundell says:

Redo the video and keep it under 12 minuets.
Set set your controller display to a table top, other wise we are listening to a pair of feet.
You are 100% correct to stick with a simple controller and save money.

Brels Railways says:

I would have to agree. It sounds like he likes the sound of his own voice. For the test you are conducting, I am sure you could just get to the point.

Nathan Jenkins says:

Great video , please check out Amery Junction . On YouTube . Please share as it's worth it for a very good new channel

Hungry Guy says:

Maybe these systems aren't popular in the UK, but I noticed the glaring omissions of NCE (which I use), Digitrax, MRC (which everybody loves to hate because its proprietary), and the insanely expensive ESU ECOS system (which is perfectly understandable why you wouldn't have that one). And you said in your video that you want to build a proper layout before buying an expensive system, so I understand the omissions.

Hungry Guy says:

Oh, and that always happens to me with my NCE system when I put a new loco on the layout. When I program the address from 3 to something else, the loco always moves a light bit. But everything works flawlessly after that.

Hungry Guy says:

24:20 "…hopefully they're gonna drop Windows 8 completely and come out with something much better…"

BIGBOY#4014 says:

The Bachman controller is the best

HSTfan2001 says:

can you use hornby chips in bachmann locos to use the select controller?

ian jackson says:

ic82 is cool

cprtrain says:

Far too much verbage. He loves to talk and repeats himself. Get to the point and do not repeat yourself.

Trevor Brown says:

I remember when I first started this video, but i was a lot younger then.

Russ John says:

I have never listened to such a boring guy in my life !! probably works in the Civil Service !!

Bill Brett says:

It runs fine. It's the connection between the chip and the dcc feed.

a plum says:

powercab ftw

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