DCC system comparison | Digtrax – NCE

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DCC system comparison

mrhmag.com – MRH DCC columnist Bruce Petrarca contrasts and compares Digitrax DCC systems with North Coast Engineering DCC systems. The video runs over 20 minutes so this is an in-depth comparison, not something cursory. Part of the content in the September issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist ezine.


Joe Stuart says:

Glad to have a video that explained the difference between Digitrax and NCE. Our club uses Digitrax, but have always wondered how NCE was. I see many people? in the various magazines use both, possibly with a slight nudge to NCE. Now I can see why. It seems a little more user friendly. Thanks!

TrashMan2008 says:

Excellent, I have been waiting for such a training video. Please keep them coming.?

jonnyspeed says:

All these years and DCC is still so non user friendly. I vastly prefer the? approach Rail Pro takes.

subwayaz1 says:

Great class that was much needed. ? Appreciate it. And yes please keep them coming Especially in the DCC area

only1smurf says:

Thanks Bruce.
Excellent video on the Digitrax & Nce? systems.
Often wondered what the difference between the two systems was, now I know.
I have wireless Nce myself & I love it.

walkerbelle says:

I’m very “old school” myself as in I like the old DC method rather than the newer DCC because I’m? an analog kind of guy so… my question is this? Does anyone make a handheld throttle control for the old DC model trains or will I still have the need of the old transformers to operate my trains? Thanks so much and keep up the great work guys!

MRhobbyist says:

Digitrax allows you to run one loco without a decoder – NCE does not allow this. Running a non-DCC decoder equipped loco this way does not give you the finest speed control and the loco makes harmonic noises constantly when run this way. Most who have done this con’t consider it a serious way to run a? non-DCC loco on a DCC layout. Better is to spend the $15 for a fleet decoder and do it right.

walkerbelle says:

Well, I was actually talking about running trains without decoders in them? You know, the old fashion way we ran trains before they invented DCC into the hobby? So, there is NO hand-held control system for DC? only model trains? Is that a correct assumption on my part? Thanks again.

Cruithne3753 says:

I don’t know about the US but in the UK handheld DC controllers are available from Gaugemaster. They’re sold separately so? you should be able to connect one to a US voltage transformer.

walkerbelle says:

Hey, thanks for the heads-up on the Gaugemaster handheld DC control. I’m going to look into that and I’ll get back to you. I would think as long as it’s all DC,? it should work whether using in the UK or US eeh?

JustinJLego says:

Haha, you could simulate a stuck horn with the NCE? Pro Cab, Function 2.

JustinJLego says:

Do you have a review? of MRC Prodigy products?

trackspike64 says:

hello Ihave the NCE pro cab 5 amp and was wondering if u can show me how to program? more then 3 engines into the recall list on my it only semd to let me recall 2 diff engines can you help me and another one would be to speed match 2 engines

GP9railfan says:

This? video was great, but makes me glad I have the MRC Prodigy Advanced2 system. So much simpler to just run trains with the MRC systems!

dwtc551 says:

Great? video, maybe next time trim your nails

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