‘DCC In Depth’ Episode 2: Decoders

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The Decoder… without this simple yet so important device DCC as we know it would not be possible, although the more complex and sophisticated the decoder the better however they will set you back, BUT you get what you pay for in DCC

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Danger Geezer says:

Aimersoft much

BAZ says:

can u do a layout update .great vid

foxcell says:

good to see more on DCC 😀

LNERFAN4472 says:

Of course and Thank you!

cutserjunior says:

Does this mean you do not need to connect the select to the track using the usual digital track box thing? You just solder the wire to the track and it works the same?

LNERFAN4472 says:

Yes, however connecting it up to the power bus which contains the same electricity in the track, this is much easier and less fiddlier.

MrHowtowithBen says:

Epic vid very helpfull and clear XD

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