How to install DCC and LEDs into a Proto 2000 Locomotive (part 1)
Hey guys! This is a three part tutorial on how to install and convert your analog proto 2000 locomotive to a DCC locomotive with LED lights installed. I get my lights from Evan designs, they can be purchased from “” The decoders I use are digitrax DN143IP, but a digitrax DH123PS will work just as well if you can get it to fit. The locomotive I use in this video is a walthers proto 2000 [More]
Opening the A4 DCC Sound ‘Sparrowhawk’ by Hornby
What a locomotive! And A4 DCC Sound is a hot topic right now. There’s not much to say, other than that she might just quite possibly be the best A4 locomotive in OO gauge out there! Enjoy Sound Effect: Synth Thud, from user ‘D W’ at ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”, further details at Sound Effect: Epic Whoosh, from user ‘EcoDTR’ at ( Licensed under Creative Commons 0, [More]
DC to DCC in under 10 mins!
In this video I take a class 57 ‘Scott Tracy’ in the new Virgin Pendolino livery, a loco by Bachman, in her natural, out of the box DC state, test her, open her up, fit a DCC chip to her and then test her again – all in less than 10 minutes! TRANSCRIPT: Right, this video is going to be quite different to the others, this one’s going to be something special. This is a [More]
DCC Introduction Video
This video gives a DCC introduction and demonstrates the differences between DC and DCC The DCC Demonstration is intended to show the many advantages of digital command control over direct current DCC Introduction Digital model railway control systems are an alternative to control a layout and simplify the wiring and add more flexibility in operations. A number of control systems are available to operate locomotives on model railways. Analog systems where the speed and the [More]
Fitting DCC Decoders to Bachmann Derby Lightweight DMU Part 1 of 2
Opening and fitting a DCC Concepts Zen decoder to a Bachmann Derby Lightweight DMU. Look out for the second video in this series on fitting DCC decoders, that shows fitting the second decoder to the non-motorised half of the unit. TRANSCRIPT: The Darby lightweight two card EMU set from Backman – we’ll be opening this today and fit in DCC chips to it as well as getting commissioned so I’m using one of these which [More]
Upgrading LokSound DCC Decoders to Full Throttle How to upgrade LokSound DCC decoders with Full Throttle. TRANSCRIPT: Today I want to talk to you about the process I went through to upgrade my lock sound decoders while back locks down released some new software that they call full throttle and it’s new decoder software and one of the really nice things about the lock sound decoders is as long as you have a lock programmer you can actually download new software [More]
Helpful Tips -Installing DCC decoders into DCC ready and non DCC engines
About a year or so ago I stated in one of my video’s that I would do a how to video about installing DCC decoders in to HO locomotives. Well finally an opportunity presented itself that allowed me to make a video on 1/24/13. Since I had to by a dual mode DCC decoder for my recently purchase Athearn RTR Amtrak P42 #108 I had a chance to make the video. In this video I [More]
‘DCC In Depth’ Episode 2: Decoders
The Decoder… without this simple yet so important device DCC as we know it would not be possible, although the more complex and sophisticated the decoder the better however they will set you back, BUT you get what you pay for in DCC Recommended ReadingModel Railway VideosHow to install DCC and LEDs into a Proto 2000 Locomotive (part 1)Opening the A4 DCC Sound ‘Sparrowhawk’ by HornbyDC to DCC in under 10 mins!DCC Introduction VideoFitting DCC [More]
Are Budget DCC Decoders Worth It?
I’ve recently discovered how much better a premium decoder can be compared to some cheaper, budget DCC decoders alternatives. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this one as there are so many decoders out there… Recommended ReadingModel Railway VideosHow to install DCC and LEDs into a Proto 2000 Locomotive (part 1)Opening the A4 DCC Sound ‘Sparrowhawk’ by HornbyDC to DCC in under 10 mins!DCC Introduction VideoFitting DCC Decoders to Bachmann Derby Lightweight DMU Part [More]
How To Fit a DCC Decoder
Tutorial on how to fit a DCC decoder on Hornby’s R3320 ‘Golden Eagle’ TRANSCRIPT: Hi guys welcome back to another video. Today we’ve got a sort of how-to demonstration sort of video and as you can see from down here I’m going to be basically doing a tutorial on how to fit one of these – which is a DCC decoder. Obviously you can get quite a few different versions of these. This is sort [More]
DCC – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Part 1
UPDATE: I know the Zimo controller is spelt Zimo – I put one too many ‘Ms’ in when writing it out in the video. With so many DCC controllers and decoders on the market, and so many people reporting problems with them all – I thought I’d take an investigative look into this, Columbo style! Haha – In all seriousness however, it’s a very important issue that affects the majority of people into model railways. [More]