Blade Runner 2049 Review – An Enormous Visual Extravaganza – Leaves You Gasping

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Ryan Gosling plays an LAPD officer heading for an encounter with Harrison Fords character Deckard in a film whose sheer scale leaves you gasping.


This is a visually staggering film,¬ it must be experienced on the biggest screen possible. Blade Runner 2049 is a spectacle of eerie and merciless vastness, it is at times satirical, tragic and even romantic.

This is the sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic, directed by Ridley Scott and based on Philip K Dicks novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, starring Harrison Ford as a blade runner, a futureworld cop whose job is to track down and kill disobedient almost-human androids known as replicants. The 2017 follow-up simply couldn’t be any more of a triumph: a stunning enlargement and improvement.

It alludes to films the first Blade Runner helped inspire, such as Camerons The Terminator, Spielbergs AI Artificial Intelligence, Nolans The Dark Knight, Andrew Stantons WALL-E and Spike Jonze’s Her.

Dangerous mission Ryan Gosling as the LAPD officer K. Photograph: Stephen Vaughan/AP


Haggard misanthropy Harrison Ford returns as Deckard. Photograph: YouTube

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