Weber Canyon Model Railroad Layout Progress Update

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Here’s a Model Railroad Layout Progress Update.  This is my up-to-date HO scale product railroad venture: The Weber Canyon. The layout is ready within the west finish of your Evanston Subdivision which ends in Ogden, Utah. This format represents about 4 miles of ambigu monitor that travels up and down the canyon. Check out my web site for additional pictures of this format at Personalized format creating inquiries welcome. Thanks for checking out it out.

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modelrailroadbuilder says:

Thanks for? the compliments!!! I’ll try to get some new clips up one of these days!!!

LostOzarkRambler says:

Quite? impressive.

PixeletSushi says:

WOW! That layout is awesome! you should take a? small camera and put it on the train to make a onboard view of the layout. Would be great! Keep it up It’s outstanding!

htc6600 says:

Terrific modeling-the landscaping is? fantastic. Love the 90/43 MAC.

kf103 says:

where in? utah is this?

SwampY2705 says:

OOH GOD, Soo much time you are putting in to this, looks awesome.
i dont know anything about model train, but it? looks well done and really expensive 😀

Trolleymoose says:

Great version of Weber Canyon, however, you need to run a Gas? Turbine over the line even if it is 5 years later.

shovel20 says:

If I won lotto I would buy a house? with a big room and go on a train shopping spree.
I have this shitty little basement to work with and theres like dead rats i have to clean up. One day……………one day sigh

RailfanDownunder says:

MOST INPRESSIVE – keep up the Good? Work…
Grahame (Australia)

MrBabujani1 says:

Movin? slow boring.

TheAZJacob says:

Love the? layout!

modelrailroadbuilder says:

Thanks!!! I appreciate the? compliment!

chaseme202008 says:


modelrailroadbuilder says:

Thanks…I? appreciate that!!!

modelrailroadbuilder says:

@TheXc500rider – Thank? you!!!

TheFiretruckboy says:

Really cool!?

modelrailroadbuilder says:


floydfanTN says:

Great? Camera Work, love the layout

modelrailroadbuilder says:

Thanks!!! I appreciate that!?

bonntv says:

ZEN? Layout

fire98boy says:

Realy cool! also what? brand of locomotives are those

fire98boy says:

Realy cool, also? what brand of locomotives are those.

modelrailroadbuilder says:

Athearn Blue Box? C44’s and Kato SD90

fire98boy says:


ickleshouse says:

Thanks for posting this. Great lay out and lots of hours work im guessing. I have yet? to build my layout due to other comitments, I have been collecting bits towards it though. What make are those large bridges? I cant find any like that?

modelrailroadbuilder says:

Thanks for the question…I scratchbuilt them, so, no,? you won’t find them anywhere else – sorry. Thanks, Mark

CrashWilde says:

nice job, looks like i need to research photos and have? go, thanks.

MultiFuckingmetal says:

you should cover the tracks with? rock to make it more better nice layout

SegoRailroadModels says:

Amazing! Having lived in the Ogden area all my life, I must say that this is as accurate as it gets. You spent a lot of time and effort on researching this, and I love the flood control dam. You certainly did? a better job than was done on the model of this same area that is on display at the Utah State Railroad Museum. BTW, the 1940s highway was the original Lincoln Highway, and was built in the 1920s.

modelrailroadbuilder says:

Thank you very much…With a compliment like that, why advertise in the mags!!! I sincerely appreciate it!!! I enjoyed the layout! Glad you have too! I still have the 6′ flood control dam module if? your interested??? Thanks for the info on the Lincoln…THANKS again, Mark

philvillani says:

Really nice layout. Thanks for posting? it.

modelrailroadbuilder says:

Your welcome!!! Glad you enjoyed it and? thanks for the compliment!!!

lexpo181 says:

this is a beautiful? layout! Mine isn’t decorating again, just some industries. good video!

modelrailroadbuilder says:

Thank You!!!?

CuzImHollywoodKid says:

Dang! I wish mine looked half as good as yours, if u would please look at just one of my? newest videos just to give me some pointers I’d be greatly appreciative.

MMODoubter says:

Good video. I am pleased that your locos don’t have sound. Sick of it, frankly. Aside from bells and horns,? it sounds terrible to me.

You should link your website in the description.

BNforever2009 says:

beautiful layout. Love the weathering? on the locomotives.

modelrailroadbuilder says:

Thank? You Very Much!!!

Thomas Austin says:

Great Layout!!! Love the UP theme and you have? done excellent scenery work!!!

modelrailroadbuilder says:

Thank You Very Much!!!?

greentracks98 says:

Awesome video I’m just starting in the hobby any? tips

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