Painting Track

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Painting the trackwork on my CNJ Bronx Terminal HO scale model railroad – note the use of protective equipment 🙂


theinflator says:

Okay this is going to be a long one!

First just as I started watching the video of you painting the track, the smell of paint fumes came trough my window LOL

Second what was the small squares you were using to clean off the track?

Third, it looked like a section of track was going right into a turnout at the points, it that still track work your working on?

Forth Pink Floyd rocks!

Richard J says:

Great work Tim!
I use the same paint & color for my track, & I have the same shirt !

tdluvs says:

May I ask you what those square pieces are and what did you dip them into?

Railey Railson says:

Very complex system of switchpoints! Must have too along time to build!

adam reynolds says:

@tdluvs i think those are to clean the paint from the top of the rails and he might have dipped them into paint thiner

james660660 says:

Next time change your shirt first!  Other than that, great video…
Pink Floyd rocks!?

james660660 says:

Beautiful track work, the best I've ever seen!  ?

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