How to lay model railroad track

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geomodelrailroader says:

thanks for the tip MR. I have track in N and HO laying it can be? a problem.

MrMaxx02 says:

Do you glue the cork roadbed to the base board? or do you rely on the spikes to hold both track & roadbed in place?

Charlie Schulz says:

the cork is usually glued before.? The track nail goes a very small depth into the actually wood.

thehoff1982 says:

i’m not bothering with cork or underlay cos the guy who lives below me is a total dick! i would really appreciate some advice though as the track pins i bought seem to be too narrow for the holes in the sleepers and i can’t be arsed using glue, will panel pins or small nails work? also, i only have wire cutters and a metal file to alter rail length, should i crimp top and bottom or horizontally, ? cheers

commanderwalker13 says:

could i use? hot glue instead?

simpleplanrok says:

Hello, I was just wondering as i’m planning to? start a layout very soon how you make the curves look a little bit on the slant, as at a station in the UK, Peterborough the two centre fast tracks seem to be on a slant at the curve and i was hoping to recreate this on my layout. Many thanks if you can help :-)

mxferro says:

good god man!! use a dremel!!! that many holes? to be done?? no hand vise

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